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Authentic Leader

This three day, highly interactive workshop is designed for senior and executive level leaders who are seeking to deepen their leadership mastery.  It's designed to help leaders accurately understand their current state of leadership and chart their own unique developmental journey.

Authentic Leader deepens the experience of The Leadership Circle Profile™ by mining the assessment to uncover patterns that are limiting organizational results and blocking a fuller expression of the leadership competence. Leaders will learn that a change in their beliefs and behaviors in one or two key areas can bring about fundamental shifts in their overall leadership effectiveness and impact.

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Outcomes for Self

  • Deeper insight and awareness of our internal operating system and its impact on results.

  • Greater ability to engage authentically and effectively with key stakeholders.

  • Increased capability to lead consciously and authentically.

Outcomes for Others & Systems

  • Increased understanding, cohesiveness, trust, and alignment

  • Improved ability to productively leverage conflict to produce better system outcomes

  • Improved capacity to recognize and share accountability for the culture they are creating

  • Provides a common framework and language for effective leadership and its impact on organizational results

  • Acceleration towards articulated organizational vision and goals

  • Lays a foundation for the long-term organizational leadership agenda


This workshop is available to intact teams, mixed agency cohorts, and individual contributors. Required cohort size is 16 to 23 leaders. The workshop is a three-day off-site residential experience.

See program flyer for additional details. For more information on cost and scheduling an Authentic Leader workshop, contact us.

*The Leadership Circle Profile™ and Workshops were developed and are owned by The Leadership Circle®.

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