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October 4, 2021


The ASCENT core team recognizes that the journey of development is a shared striving and struggle for each of us to be fully human and to see that others are fully human too. (Kendi, 2019, P. 11)

We commit to our individual and team responsibility in building an antiracist present and future. We commit to developing leaders who center and champion equity. We commit to embracing cultural humility, deep listening, empathy, compassion, self-education and take accountability in acknowledging where we haven’t centered this in the past. 

We welcome feedback when we are not on the right track and will seek learning from antiracist educators to apply an equity lens to leadership development. We know we will make mistakes and when harm is caused, we will work to heal the impact of that harm.  


We commit our voices, actions, influence, and advocacy to advancing progress and liberation for marginalized groups so that all may experience a just, inclusive, loving, and antiracist program and world.  

The ASCENT Leadership team

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