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Promise of Leadership

The Promise of Leadership Workshop™ is the beginning of a journey to self-discovery, identifying internal assumptions (beliefs) and behaviors that prevent leaders from being more effective. This six hour workshop and follow up coaching session provide a powerful catalyst to dramatically increase leadership effectiveness.

Built around The Leadership Circle Profile™, the program helps leaders focus on and develop their creative leadership competencies. These competencies have been shown to improve leadership abilities, bring out the best in others, and significantly increase the performance of the overall organization. 

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Photo courtesy of Teri Jacobson

Outcomes for Self

  • Learn the importance and value of feedback and how to best utilize it

  • How to interpret the Leadership Circle 360 Profile

  • Identify and mitigate tendencies that hinder effectiveness

  • Increased self-awareness of how they are 'wired' for the results they get

  • Removes the mystery of their leadership impact

Outcomes For Others & Systems
  • Offers practical strategies leaders can implement immediately

  • Establishes the groundwork for building a culture of feedback and development

  • Provides a common framework and language to address and improve leadership

  • Accelerated progress toward near-term organizational goals


The Promise of Leadership workshop is designed for groups as large as 25 individuals. It can be deployed broadly across the organization or for the individual contributor. You receive your Leadership Circle Profile inside the workshop. To enhance and extend its impact, the Promise of Leadership workshop can be followed by the Leader to Leaderworkshop series designed to reinforce learning and support development.

See program flyer for additional details. Register with Workday Learning or contact the ASCENT Team using the form below.

*The Leadership Circle Profile™ and Workshops were developed and are owned by The Leadership Circle®.

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