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Our Outcomes

ASCENT, through June 2023, has provided direct services to over 3,200 state of Oregon employees and local government partners.

  • 1288 - Leadership Circle 360 Profile™

  •  421 -  Multi-month program (MLP, ALP, TLP or Team Lead)

  • ​ 167 -  Leader to Leader Series

  •  117 -  Authentic Leader™ workshop

  •   74 -   Developing and Implementing an Outward Mindset

  •   11 -   Outward Leadership

In February 2019, the Oregon Department of Administrative Services conducted promotional analysis of ASCENT's 9-month programs, ALP and MLP. Promotional analysis is just one metric to look at program impact.

Analysing the Numbers

We asked: What is the promotional rate for ASCENT graduates going out one, two, and three years? 


The results:  Year 1 = 21.8%         Year 2 = 32%         Year 3 = 39.6%

These rates were then compared to a peer group of general state employees.

The general employee group rates are shown below:    

The results:   Year 1 = 8%              Year 2 = 13.9%      Year 3 = 19.3%                   

These rates will be compared to management training graduates in future analysis.   

ASCENT's most impressive metrics are the hundreds of alumni testimonials and the growing support of the program year after year.

*The Leadership Circle Profile™ and Workshops were developed and are owned by The Leadership Circle®.

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