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ASCENT Programs & Workshops

ASCENT's mission is to build transformational leaders. Transformational leaders are purposeful, values-based, visionary, ethical and inspiring. They strive for increased self-awareness through continuously seeking feedback from all sources and 

incorporating this feedback into their development. They identify needed change in organizations and enroll others in co-creating the desired future state.


ASCENT programs & workshops help individuals at all levels understand the thinking and behavior behind their results. Our thinking and behaviors can become the hard-wired ways we approach our work and life that often can go unexamined. ASCENT seeks to help leaders remove the mystery of the impact they are having on those they lead. Awareness helps us close the gap between our intent (how we think and hope we're showing up) and our impact (how others experience us).


ASCENT is committed to continuous learning that serves the evolving needs of the public both now and into the future.

Group Meeting

Transformational  Leadership

ASCENT's most comprehensive program aimed at cultivating purposeful, values-based, authentic leaders



This 1-day workshop and coaching session offers immediate awareness of current impact and a plan for growth 


Leader to Leader™


Maximizes your leadership development in a regular small group experience utilizing your 360 and peer coaching

Group Discussion


5 half-day sessions focused on developing an Outward mindset, relying on self-awareness & collaboration tools.   

All core programs include The Leadership Circle® development content.
Programs are delivered by the ASCENT team, agency leaders, consultant partners, and  ASCENT alumni. 


*The Leadership Circle Profile™ and Workshops were developed and are owned by The Leadership Circle®.

What People Are saying

"ASCENT provides powerful Leadership Development experiences that are truly unlike any other program. I can say from experience that cultivating authentic and effective leaders is an unmeasurable investment and a must have for pursuing transformation. I recomment the ASCENT program for anyone who wants to transform themselves and their organization."

      - Lisa Sumption, Director, Oregon Parks and Recreation Department

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