In the complex and ever-changing public sector environment, ASCENT sponsors have access to the services of skillful internal leadership consultants. These services can be used to design your organizational development plan and address the real-time opportunities facing your agency. Consulting services can help prioritize and sort through the different ASCENT programs and services available to your agency. 

Are you on-boarding a new administrator?

Consider ASCENT's Transition Workshop. This workshop is designed for organizational units at the executive and senior management levels. It's purpose is to maximize the opportunities and reduce the down-time when on-boarding a new leader. This workshop brings explicit discussion and mutual exploration of what work life could be like with the new leader. Leadership transition can be experienced as long or short, constructive or destructive, depending on how it is handled. Two things are certain:

  1. It is never trivial.

  2. It is never instantaneous.

Have a team or group stuck or lacking effectiveness?

Consider ASCENT's Chapters Workshop. This six hour workshop is designed to support change through honoring and naming the influences of the past and moving on to a new future. Chapters answers the question "what is the story of this team?" with an eye towards honoring all that has come before a major transition and to provide a level of closure. It concludes with vision work to create the new desire future state and chapter.

To schedule a consult, contact Paul Egbert.