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Coaching is an effective method to increase effectiveness, accomplish goals, and improve relationships. ASCENT has experienced and credentialed coaches to support leadership growth and transition.

Coaching is not advice, consulting, or counseling. Coaching may address specific work or personal projects, life balance, organizational goals, or general conditions in your professional or personal life.

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The client sets the agenda for the coaching conversations. The coach is akin to a thinking partner, someone outside your system who can be counted on to be honest and straightforward, to ask clarifying questions, and to make empowering requests. The purpose of the coaching engagement is to provide a relationship and environment where you are supported in making empowered choices and achieving your desired outcomes and goals.

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To inquire about coaching, contact Paul Egbert.


"...Coaching helps a person to feel heard and understood but then able to refocus on the true intent of the solution, not stay in the fog of emotion."

—  Coaching Client

Certified Leadership Coaches

Mandy Allen

Krista Campbell

Deanna Dyer 

Emerida Echevarria

Paul Egbert

Lisa Hylton 

Cassie Mance

Carole Paulson

Tiffany Purn

Active 360 Leadership Circle Profile Coaches

 Susan Anderson

 Tina Boone

 Sanjuana Cantu

 Deanna Dyer

 Emerida Echevarria

 Paul Egbert

 Donna Ferry

 Dennis J. Fisher

 Haven Garber

 Chris Glantz

 Danielle Harp

 Leah Harrington

 Lisa Hylton

 Kelly Kaelin

 Kristin Kahler-Jones

 Garrett Klever

 Cassie Mance

 Lisa Martinez

 Lori McCauley

 Emily Nascimento

 Marina Lisa Nieblas

 Kevin Nygren

 Marybeth Olson

 Carole Paulson

 Jennifer Puentes

 Heidi Quiring

 Jami Quiring

 Tony Rosendahl

 Julie Ruthven

 Alyssa Scarlata

 Dan Shanahan

 Emerald Shirley

 Jaya Srinivasan

 Marie Trucco

 Darlene Weaver

 Talon Wood

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