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Leader to Leader

Leader to Leader brings leaders together to learn and practice leadership competencies following receipt of a Leadership Circle Profile™. Leader to Leader supports development through facilitated learning to increase awareness and engage in practice on content critical to effective leadership. The art of leading is a lifelong practice and conscious leaders are continually evolving, learning, and deepening leadership effectiveness.

Group Meeting in a circle and peer to peer coaching

Leader to Leader engages participants in peer-to-peer coaching, shown to powerfully reinforce and accelerate development with a work context. The session content is directly linked to real organizational issues raised by participants, allowing the cohort to simultaneously work issues as they grow their leadership capability.

Outcomes For Self

  • Learning focused on specific individual and organizational challenges

  • Ability to deliver on leadership commitments through social accountability

  • Enhanced coaching and feedback skills, including the capacity to be coached

Outcomes Others & System


  • Focused energy on development opportunities with the greatest potential to impact organizational results

  • Ongoing accountability for leadership development

  • Authentic and creative leadership

  • Greater organizational effectiveness created through a powerful network of trust, relationship, and accountability

  • Leaders who actively model the desired organizational culture

  • Increased coaching bench strength in the organization

  • The only durable competitive advantage in organizations today; effective leadership


Leader to Leader includes 16 modules organized into three separate series. Each series comprises four to six interactive modules, five hours in length, held every four to eight weeks. The Leadership Circle Profile is a prerequisite. Each cohort is made up of 8 to 12 participants.

See program flyer for additional details. Contact the ASCENT Team using the form below to inquire about registration.

*The Leadership Circle Profile™ and Workshops were developed and are owned by The Leadership Circle®.

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