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Where am I making Excuses?

What are the best excuses and stories you have heard lately? Have you caught yourself in mechanism- stories, excuses, blame, diminishing the importance of something you said you would do? (Even if you were the only person you promised?) Take 3-5 minutes to journal about this.

As best as you can tell…What’s up with that? Why do you do this? What are you working so hard to prevent, protect and/or deflect from yourself? And what’s the payoff for you?

Journal for 3 more minutes

Reflect on how your life would change if you took full responsibility for producing 100% results in all areas of your life. Or for now, just the one area of life where your excuses and stories are concentrated. Determine for yourself if the personal transformation is worth changing your mindset and actions to full intention.

Journal about this and choose!

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