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In life we open and close many doors crossing over thresholds. This is normal, healthy human behavior and invites us into new relationships, learning, roles and contributions. We press the edges of our comfort zone and occasionally enter the unknown. These adventures help us shape and evolve our character offering greater alignment with our values and purpose. Recent COVID restrictions and impacts have changed each us, uniquely and permanently, inviting reflection that can increase consciousness and deepen awareness of who we are, who we want to be, what we need and what we want.


  • Identify and clarify what is changing for you – what threshold are you crossing?

  • Reflect on what you think and feel about this change.

  • What on experiences, relationships, contributions and learning do you crave in the new experience (vision).

  • What specific goals and timeline milestones will help you move outside your comfort zone? Note how you will support your well-being and vision.

  • Reflect on how previous experience has served you and others, accepting and acknowledging what has been.

  • Design a ritual or event to mark the beginning of the new path. Play with ideas that help you honor and release the past and the welcome the new beginning.

  • Celebrate the new milestones of this new leg of the journey.

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