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If Life Was a Silent Film

I was recently challenged to view life as if it was a black and white silent film. Without the monologue or dialogue, the only way for the audience to get to know a character’s values/priorities is through their actions and results. Being aware that results in life are an accumulation of the choices made daily, I had some confidence I would enjoy this imaginative reflective exercise since this year has been an especially unique experience, with many gifts and challenges.

As I reflected on my results, feeling joyful with some, one stood out – clear as day. The lead character in my silent film loved basking in the comforts of staying busy with lesser priorities in avoidance of getting gritty on some tough goals. For example, there are numerous daily practices planned with the intention of closing the gap for health and wellness. But my audience would not see those in my silent film. Simply put: my doing was not aligned with my being. I acknowledged it’s time to subtract and renegotiate what had become a “should” and turn it into a “could” to make space for what really matters most. Because...

“Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of the things that matter least”

– Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe.

So you are invited to imagine for a moment if life was a black and white silent movie. The only way for the audience to get to know your character, values, and priorities is through your actions and outcomes.

  • What would your audience learn after they watched you for a day?

  • What would they say is important to you?

  • What would you learn about yourself if you watched for a week?

  • What matters most to you?

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