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Choosing Greatness

Updated: May 22, 2019

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Greatness is one of those words. One of those words that can stop me in my tracks, make me really think and take stock. I can't just move on from it without some pause and reflection. Perhaps this is why it's an important word in my personal purpose statement. With that said, how often do I see greatness as a choice? Do I approach greatness as a real alternative to the status quo or what I typically get?

The more I reflect, the more I come to believe that greatness is a choice. Not one without risk, fear, or doubt, nevertheless, a choice. Without the elements of risk and fear, greatness would lose its very essence and meaning. Perhaps that is why more than one leadership guru has said, there is no safe path to greatness.

Questions for reflection:

1. What does greatness mean to me? Is greatness a choice? Where am I pursuing it?

2. How is the "busyness" of my daily life impacting my choices regarding greatness?

3. What is my own level of commitment to greatness?

4. What reactive tendency (complying, protecting or controlling) could be impacting my choices?

5. How can I support and challenge the pursuit of greatness in another?

Sometimes, to call forth greatness, in ourselves or another, means letting go of something that holds us back. Likely culprits are caution, dependency, perfection, criticism, doubt, and fear. When we are clear about our purpose and vision, we can choose to pursue greatness with full intention and effort. It doesn't mean we'll always achieve it, but at a minimum we can remind ourselves and others that it is within us!

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