9 Month Programs

ASCENT refers to the 9 month programs as either the Aspiring Leadership Program (ALP) or Managers' Leadership Program (MLP). ALP serves a non-supervisory state employee cohort and MLP is for supervisory managers. There is no significant difference in content between the two programs.

Why Apply

Leaders are being called to:

  • Inspire others to think and act in new ways, maximize learning and growth opportunities to optimize performance.

  • Engage effectively with others to deliver results and transform teams and organizations.

  • Foster relationships with employees, partners, and customers to co-create the desired new future.

Leadership requires awareness, vision, and action. The future we desire is possible as we show up authentically, courageously and intentionally to change the existing culture, collaborate better and adapt systems.

How do we create the results we seek in the midst of immense change, complexity, and diminishing resources?

The answer is Transformational Leadership. Leaders at all levels of an organization are responsible for more than maintaining current performance. Leaders are being called to lead transformation of systems, processes, and organizational cultures through authentic and intentional engagement.

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Outcomes For Self
  • ​Clarity of individual purpose, vision, and values and the role of leadership in teams and systems.   

  • Improved self-awareness and understanding of leadership impacts, strengths, and opportunities for growth.

  • Greater consciousness of the beliefs and assumptions that drive our behaviors and stimulates lasting behavioral change.

  • Deploying performance mindsets for greater ownership of results.

  • The ability to articulate the future you envision for your work and life.

Outcomes for Others & Systems
  • Knowledge of models and the processes for teams and systems transformation.

  • The ability to navigate through change, risk, and complexity.

  • Strengthen communication and conscious understanding of the needs and feelings of self and others.

  • Understanding the methods for building and maintaining trusting relationships and the ability to identify one's own contribution to the challenges that hinder relationships.

  • Assessing, building, and acting on opportunities for greater influence and ability to navigate 21st century complexity.

  • Building a community of leaders from many other state agencies.



ASCENT's 9 month program includes 18 workshop days, one-on-one and group coaching, mentoring, and compelling developmental activities influenced by the foremost thought leaders in the field of leadership. Program participation is open to all Oregon state employees with manager approval to apply and attend. Cohorts of 25 are selected by ASCENT alumni graduates through a competitive application process usually open every August. The program runs November to July.

Presenters & Consultant Partners
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Fariborz Pakseresht


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Lisa Sumption


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Shirlene Warnock_IGS.jpg

Shirlene Warnock

Consultant Partner

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Jeanne Nyquist

Consultant Partner

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Clif Cannon

Consultant Partner

See this year's program flyer for additional details and workshop dates. 

Impacts of 9 Month Programs

"Leadership is knowing and understanding the truth about yourself; it is accepting that you have values, ideals, worth, and purpose; and it is living courageously in a way that embodies those truths...leaders inspire others to follow."

- 2018 ALP Graduate